WMB202-4G Body worn cameras

by Watashi CCTV
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฿ 40,000.00 THB


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Watashi is a market leading provider of rapidly deployable, portable CCTV and surveillance systems. The body cameras are the portable devices that can record video and audio. The devices can also transmit live video and audio through 3G or 4G, do live tracking with GPS. The devices have a TFT monitor and buttons on it and user can operate the device easily. The body cameras are usually used by police man, security guard, and other law enforcement office.


  • Use lithium battery for power supply. Device can be recording continuously for 12-15 hours with one battery.
  • User can explore, search and playback the files on the device.
  • Support panic button. The panic button alarm can be sent to control center through 3G/4G.
  • Record encryption makes the evidence more safe.
  • Device can display device ID, user ID, date and time.
  • Device can report event alarm, including alarm for battery running low, insufficient memory space alarm etc.
  • Device has log files. Device with log events that include power on/off, recording video, recording audio, taking pictures, GPS status fixed, 3G/4G connection, and WiFi

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